Mother’s Day

There are many people on my mind today.

I’m happy for the woman whose 2 year old is now 6 months post-transplant with Samuel’s heart.  I’m happy her child can run and play now without turning blue.  I wish I knew her name.

I imagine it’s a joyful day for Esther, who has one of Samuel’s kidneys.  She was on dialysis for 7 years, and wrote to tell us how thankful she was for a second chance at life with her daughter.

I think about Samuel’s birth mom.  Does she still grieve every day or has she tried to push it away so she can survive?

I think of friends (including Jeremy) who have lost their moms, friends who hurt because they are not moms, and friends who have broken hearts because they (we) love children who have left us.

I celebrate with a friend who will soon be going to China to adopt a little boy that waits for her.

And I’m thankful for my own mother and all of her love.

It’s a complicated day.

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