My friends have become brave, and my world has become lighter.

This past week or so we haven’t felt so alone.  Multiple people have reached out to us, reaching over that frightening empty space that surrounds us.  And they thought they were just talking to me or bringing me lunch, but really they were healing my heart.  The anger that I’ve fought against for the last two months has started to melt away.  I was helpless against that anger, but my courageous friends have fought it for me. 

One friend brought over lunch.  I warned her that I wasn’t very good company, but she came over anyway.  We ate chicken salad sandwiches and talked for two hours.  She also came by on Sunday and picked up our kids and took them to church for us.  I’ve felt guilty that we hadn’t been taking the kids to church, so that was a true gift. 

Another friend sat with me for hours over coffee at Panera.  She didn’t judge me and sometimes even made me laugh, which is no easy accomplishment. 

A sweet lady from our Bible study offered to come over and show me how to paint with acrylics.  I’ve been working with watercolors, but had thought about trying something new.  She showed me how she illustrates verses and prayers in her Bible, beautiful work. 

Several people have emailed to tell us they are praying for us. 

There is still indescribable sorrow in our family, sorrow that threatens to tear us apart.  But some of the darkness has gone away. 

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